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Iraida A Tomczak - Miami Springs, FL
The softness, it feels awesome !!!!
Yes, I would recommend these products.
The Muscle Jelly gives you a feeling of heat and freshness. Also the smell is really nice!!!!

Maria Moreno - Miami, FL
Yes, I would recommend
Yes, 2 weeks ago.
I am in love with the Hemp oil facial serum! It's exquisite, my
skin is smooth, soft and radiant! A must for all, I highly
recommend it!! In two short weeks, what a wonderful difference!

Lourdes LeBroc - Murphy, NC
Yes, I would recommend
Hemp soothing muscle jelly and hemp oil facial serum
Awesome products! Great quality, feel with a deliciously fresh fragrance. My skin feels totally revitalized and refreshed. I look forward to experiencing long range benefit

KmichaelsAtlanta, GA 
Yes, I would recommend
Facial serum
I agree with a previous reviewer, the hemp oil facial serum makes my skin feel smooth, soft and
radiant. I am anxious to see how my skin looks after a few months of use!

Dominga P - Kendall, FL
I would definitely recommend.
Hemp Oil Facial Serum

Very smooth and silky.
I use it everynight & LOVE it!

Suhasini Vasa - North Miami Bch, FL
Hemp Lavender Essential Oil / Hemp Muscle Jelly
Yes, definitely will buy & recommend!
So my good friend gave me a few samples of the products, essential hemp oils n hemp muscle jelly to try n I must say I like it a lot. Came home took a shower n used the essential lavender oil and that just put me in a relaxed mode. Typically I don't like to use any other lotion or oils other than good ole Vaseline in combination with the Hemp Silk Body lotion n the hemp oil.... absolutely love. Just wanted to say thank you to VitaScents.

M Smith - Eatonton, GA
Hemp Muscle Jelly
It is wonderful! I have bought several already!!
Highly recommend to all.
Love the scent and find it very soothing.


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